Easy License Management!

Finally there is an easy and inexpensive solution to manage software licenses and serial keys for your business IT infrastructure. Forget the days of manual license key tracking with spreadsheets that are prone to data corruption and obsolete data. AllMySoftware allows you to manage all of your company’s software license keys through a simplified web-based portal that securely connects to installed agents on all of your servers and workstations. This means that software license keys are always up-to-date and manual changes are no longer needed!

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Track Licenses

Keep track of software licenses to reduce expenditures and reduce your audit liabilities.

Reuse Licenses

Reuse licenses as you decommission old workstations and servers.

Save Money

Save money by using licenses you already have allocated instead of purchasing new.

Self Audit

Audit yourself with our helpful reports before you face an external audit.

Improve Migrations

Make it easier for your network administrators and users to move software between computers.


Keep track of your server licenses.